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iTel Mobile Dialer Express is a mobile application to make VoIP calls from mobile phone. 
VoIP service providers can use this mobile app under their own brand name. Various price packages of iTel Mobile Dialer Express are mentioned under: 

For Start VOIP Business you first need to have a iTel Mobile dialer with your own brand.

iTel provides you the your branded mobile dialer with a reasonable price. For your kind information below is the price of iTel mobile dialer for Start voip Business.

iTel do not provide any Hosted Mobile dialer. You can host Byte saver & switch from Them.

iTel Mini Gold Express: 
Purchase 1 Time, Use Life Time:
For 200 Registration Mini Gold Express : 1250$
For 200 Registration Byte saver : 3500$

Hosted Solution:
For 200 Registraion Mini Gold Express: 1250$
For 200 Registration Hosted byte saver: 490$/Month.

iTel Easy Gold Express: 
Purchase 1 Time, Use Life Time:
For 500 Registration Mini Gold Express : 3500$
For 500 Registration Byte saver : 4000$

Hosted Solution:
For 500 Registraion Mini Gold Express: 3500$
For 500 Registration Hosted byte saver: 490$/Month.

You can increase your Registration limit by purchase bulk concurrent registration. 

iTel Platinum Express: 

Purchase 1 Time, Use Life Time:
For 3000 Registration Mini Gold Express : 14500$
For 3000 Registration Byte saver : 5000$

In every product if you puchase byte saver then you have to provide a linux server for install byte saver or you can host linux server for iTel. They are providing good quality linux server for their client. 

Linux server Rent per month is 260$.

iTel PC Dialer:

Purchase 1 Time, Use Life Time:
iTel PC Dialer  : 1000$
It will work under byte saver, that's why block is not possible. It will work smoothly in any country.  
For iTel PC Dialer you don't need PC Dialer PIN. 
Same GK Register pin will work in this PC dialer. 
You will get customize PC Dialer. 

iTel Mobile Dialer Express
Product Name
Package Name
Price in USD
iTel Mobile Dialer Express
Additional Concurrent Registrations (block of 500)
Gold Regular/Platinum
Additional IP
Gold Regular
Additional Brand
Gold Regular
Brand Name Change
Mini Gold / Easy Gold / Gold Regular / Platinum

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  1. The Pakage is good ! Mobile Dialer has to be the ultimate choice for communication for all. Thanks for sharing it.



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