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iTel PC Dialer

iTel PERSONAL COMPUTER Dialer is an best alternative for making VoIP message or calls coming from PERSONAL COMPUTER. It's a gentle software that is simply set up on the PERSONAL COMPUTER or laptop for making PERSONAL COMPUTER to calls around IP networks. This specific software can be totally best with iTel Move Additionally along with other typical SIP switches.

Entire print choice includes iTel PC Dialer. Feel and look of the dialer can be completely personalized based on support providers' alternative.

iTel PC Dialer can figure having almost any common GLASS transition. As an example, it functions efficiently having Asterisk Software or maybe Asterisk Softswitch, VoIP Change, DIGITALK, Nexgen, Porta, iTel Change Additionally etc.

There is effortless manage of phone speaker and also microphone sizes.

As well as creating PC in order to phone calls, clients can see their balance in Sense of balance Display Panel.

Through decrease option, the actual Dialer can be stored working inside track record without in use.

Key Characteristics.

  • Phone sign ability for all those profitable phone calls.
  • Phonebook integration
  • The idea sustains G729 and also G711 codecs
  • Using useful Match Canceller
  • The idea employs comfort disturbance generation technological know-how regarding superior stop users' knowledge.
  • It may pass through just about any currently accessible firewall in combination with iTel Byte Saver.
  • It may perform without problems in a small bandwidth circumstance having iTel Byte Saver.

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  1. Hello,
    Amazing Dialer link you have shared.
    Phone kall allowed initially with the telecommunication services only but now with the fast evolution of the internet it becomes easy to make a call from the computers thus you are now steps away from allowing your PC to Phone call with the help of the PC dialer.



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