Nokia SIP Settings

Nokia SIP Settings

How to configure iTel switch with Nokia SIP.

PIN : 99123
iTelSwitch IP:
Sip port : 60

Navigate to Tools->Settings->Connection->SIP settings.
Open the Options menu and select Add new->Use default profile:

Sip Settings

Profile name: iTel 
Service profile: IETF
Default access point: select your active access point
Public user name: sip: 99123@
Use compression: No
Registration: Always on
Use security: No

Proxy server:

Proxy server address: sip:
Realm: iTelSw
User name: 99123
Password: 99123
Allow loose routing: Yes
Transport type: UDP
Port: 60

Registrar server:

Registrar serv.addr : sip:
Realm: iTelSw
User name: 99123
Password: 99123
Transport type : UDP
Port: 60

Now, navigate to Tools->Settings->Connection->Internet tel.settings: and create a New profile in the 
Options menu with the following settings:

Name: Default
SIP profiles: iTel

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