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iTel switch plus is the best carrier grade softswitch offering 200 - 800 concurrent calls in a standalone server.  Up to 20,000 concurrent calls in a distributed architecture Highly secured softswitch employing multi-layered security.

·                     Support various protocol like SIP, H.323
·                     Provide multi level security : i. Login with Security Deviceii. User blockingiii. Blocking SQL injectioniv. IP Blocking
·                     Faster Call Connectivity
·                     Supported Codec : G729,G723,G711(uLaw),G711(aLaw), AMR & iLBC, telephone event
·                     Supports N-thlevel Reseller
·                     Supports various Dialer like iTelMobile Dialer, Gplex, Pronto, Hello Byte
·                     Supports various SIP Devices and soft phone like: Linksys, PhoneAdapter, GrandStream, CiscoPhoneAdapter, Pangolin, Port SIP, Nimbuzz
·                     Supported Routing: LCR,Lossless, Longest Destination Wise, Priority Wise, Destination capacity wise, Specific client wise.
·                     Supports various Call Service like: Calling card, call service, Call-back call service, Call forwarding, Conference call, Multiple simultaneous call, Pin2Pin call, Call transfer, Video call, Call-shop call, Whole sale call.
·                     Supports different IVR services like: Balance IVR, Minute IVR, Multiple Language IVR, Call back registration process, Recharge IVR, Balance Transfer.
·                     Supports various Recharge process like: Recharge card, Paypal, IVR, Balance transfer, By Pin & Recharge menu
·                     Call log & Registration status: Live call log, Active call, Active registration & Sip log.

Price of iTel Switch Plus:

The price of iTel switch plus is very attractive. They are offering below:

For 1000 concurrent call its price is only 5000$ 

Hosted Solution (Switch):

In Dedicated Server: 
For 200 Call Hosted switch : 320$ / Month
For 700+ call Hosted switch: 400$ / Month

In shared Server: 
For 200 Call Hosted switch: 290$ / Month

Hosted Solution (Switch with Byte Saver):

In Dedicated Server: 
For 200 Call Hosted switch with Byte Saver : 420$ / Month
For 700+ Call Hosted switch with Byte Saver : 600$ / Month

In shared Server: 
For 200 Call Hosted switch with Byte Saver: 390$ / Month

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