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Unique features, which sets iTel Switch Plus apart from other products available in the industry:
·         Multi Layered, Secured Access Control
·         Offer instant call connectivity to your end users
·         Callback Service
·         Create ‘N’ Level of Resellers
·         Single PIN for all call origination devices
·         Offer Pin-to-Pin balance transfer to your end-users
·         Runs behind NAT or on private IP
·         Never Go Negative (NGN)
·         PIN to PIN calling
·         Supports IVR in multiple languages
·         Supports International Mobile top-up

For More Query please feel free to visit www.itelbilling.com

  • Prepaid Calling Cards.
  • Residential VoIP.
  • Chain of Callshops.
  • PC to Phone.
  • Phone to Phone.
  • Chain of IP PBX.
  • Call Back.

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AVAVoIP is an advanced billing and routes provisioning solution which enables carriers to gain flexibility in all areas of the billing process – billing,rating, invoicing,etc.
  • The platform supports all VoIP telecom business models – prepaid, postpaid, wholesale,retail (calling cards, callback, etc.), residential and enterprises.
  • Open Web Services APIs allow easy integration into existing systems or portals.
  • It is offered as a stand-alone software, as a turn-key solution, and as a service (SaaS)

For More query please visit:  www.avavoip.com

  • Softswitch.
  • VoIp Billing.
  • Calling Card System.
  • CallBack System.
  • Online Shop.
  • IAX Solution.
  • SIP Softphone.
  • Mobile Dialers (iPhone/ Android/ Symbian/ Windows Mobile).
  • Two day Remote Training Program.
  • One month Remote support package.

For More query please feel free to visit: www.adoreinfotech.com


  • iSoftSwitch is Linux based VoIP SoftSwitch with its web-based architecture & professional billing tools.
  • iSoftSwitch is the Most Flexible, Reliable and Multifunctional softswitch which goes with the Market Demand.
  • One Stop solution for VoIP Carriers.
  • Retail & Wholesale on Single platform.
  • Codec Converter.
  • Multilevel Security Mechanism.
  • Flexible integrated routing & billing.
  • Automatic update, no extra cost.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • 1 Year Free Support.
For More query please feel free to contact www.isoftswitch.com


  • PortaOne is a leading global communications infrastructure vendor.
  • PortaSwitch is a software platform for telecommunication service providers, wholesale carriers, ISP, MVNO, and NGN operators to unify voice and data traffic within a single converged network.
  • PortaOne enables Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) to quickly and efficiently implement, manage and deliver a wide range of solutions for their services.
  • PortaSwitch is built around a comprehensive converged billing software system and includes a class 4-5 SIP softswitch with media application servers.
  • PortaSwitch provides access to the complete C5 hosted IPPBX / IP Centrex functionality and the ultimate feature set for calling card and VoIP wholesale businesses.
  • Converged Billing Software.
  • SIP Softswitch with Media Applications.
For more query please visit: www.portaone.com


  • A highly scalable SIP and H323 softswitch with integrated billing
  • Class 5 features included, follow-me, call forwarding, Voicemail and more
  • Video support
  • A Calling card platform with IP IVR including pin or pin-less scenarios
  • Callback solution supports all types of triggering methods: SMS, missed-call, web Callback
  • Web Callshop interface
  • Web self-care portal for end users and support for Online payments
  • SMS features for both wholesale and retail services, using HTTP, SIP and SMPP protocols
  • Mobile SIP for Symbian, Windows Mobile, IPhone, Android and BlackBerry users
  • Windows communicator with Instant Messaging, SMS, Voicemail and many other modules
  • Multi-tenant, multi-user IP PBX platform for offering hosted services
  • Instant messenger functionality, XMPP protocol support, presence, chat, file transfer
  • Unified messaging, Voicemail/SMS forwarding to SMS or email, Voicemail transcriptions.
  • Calls recording.
For more query Please Visit: www.voipswitch.com


  • Mizu Softswitch is a full featured, customizable VoIP server system combining ease of use with high stability and throughput making it a perfect choice for enterprise VoIP service providers, carriers but also for telecom startups and small business companies who wish to launch a VoIP business with their own brand name.
  • SIP and H323 stack (voice + video + presence + messaging).
  • Complete, flexible prepaid and postpaid billing and e-payment.
  • Class 4 and 5 capabilities (call transfer, forward, conference and many others).
  • User and DID management.
  • Calling card and Callback.
  • Callcenter: CRM and predictive dialer.
  • Softphone, Webphone and Mobile clients.
  • SMS (in/out).
  • Flexible IVR.

For more query please visit: www.mizu-voip.com


  • IXC Softwitch is a high performance scalable Class 4 VoIP Softswitch solution with user friendly GUI web interface, which enables secure large VoIP traffic flow over various IP networks.
  • While interconnecting multiple VoIP networks, IXC Softswitch ensures hiding of client and operator network topology.
  • IXC Softsiwtch supports interworking and transparent translation of SIP and H.323 protocols with further normalization, as well as all types of media codecs.
  • Call tariffing based on tariff rules of the company (branch);
  • Viewing statistics for any period of time with different variants of statistical treatment;
  • Call tariff recalculation for any period with new prices in case of backward tariff changes;
  • CDRs generation;
  • System of active monitoring by the means of comparison of statistic characteristics (ASR, ACD, traffic volume).
  • IXC is a highly scalable solution offering fault tolerance and redundancy.
  • Thousands of concurrent calls can be supported.
For more query please visit: www.ixc.ua


  • Our Award-Winning Class 5 Softswitch is the complete solution for Residential VoIP Service Providers to offer full-featured IP phone service to residential clients.
  • This solution integrates billing, call routing, e-commerce, auto-provisioning, DID assignment, and invoicing in to one user-friendly platform.
  • IPsmarx Class 5 VoIP Softswitch Solution is an intelligent, scalable user friendly application that allows service providers to unify voice and data traffic in one network.
  • The Class 5 VoIP Softswitch Solution provides flexible, programmable routing intelligence and includes a management application for switching  and phone operations.
  • Including enhanced supplementary consumer and enterprise services such as voicemail,  call monitoring, call holding, and call transferring;
  • IPsmarx Communication Session Server engine allows clients to log on to the system to manage calls, access  IP Gateways and provide complete AAA Billing Solutions for both SIP and H323 customers.
  • The IPsmarx Class 5 Softswitch Solution enables you to provide value-added services to become a residential IP phone service company in as little as 10 days!
  • IPsmarx provides reliable, affordable, intelligent, and secure VoIP-based billing software and hardware systems that give a service provider the scalability and flexibility to distinguish itself and succeed in the booming VoIP market.
  • The Class 5 Softswtich Solution provides ITSPs with a superior management platform to support enhanced voice applications such as voicemail, unified messaging, conferencing, Web interface, e-mail, and other applications.
For more query please visit: www.ipsmarx.com


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