REVE Session Controller (RSC)

REVE Session Controller (RSC) is a carrier-grade advanced IP switching platform ideal for wholesale carriers. Its robust and flexible architecture offers connectivity to multiple networks with state-of-the-art network security. Loaded on high-performance hardware, RSC efficiently meets the high service level requirements of wholesale carriers for multi-protocol wholesale peering.

RSC polices real-time traffic between the various IP network boundaries ensuring high availability, security and manageability of your private network. Its Management System and Web Portal are further bolstered by integrated firewalls with usernames and passwords, ensuring higher security.

Advanced & Intelligent Routing

·        Destination Code / Digit-wise Routing
·        Priority Based Routing
·        Longest Destination Code Based Routing
·        Loss Less Routing (LLR)
·        Time Based Routing
·        Least Cost Routing (LCR)
·        Quality Based Routing
·        Quality Based LCR Routing
·        Percentage Based Routing
·        Prefix Based Routing
·        Protocol Based Routing
·        Client-wise Specific Routing
·        Port Capacity Based Routing
·        Stop Route Retry Facility
·        Translation Based Routing
·        Disconnect Cause Code-wise Stop Route Retry
·        Media Routing
·        Call Simulation

Security & Fraud Detection

o   Login Security
o   Password Auto Expire Facility
o   Security Device
o   User-wise Role and IP Restriction Option
o   Https Supported WEB Page
o   Encrypted Password in Database
o   Securty from Abnormal Traffic Flow

Billing System & Functionality (RSC)

·        Multiple Authentication Modes
·        Balance Limit Control
·        Maximum Allowed Calls
·        Contacts Saving Option
·        Prepaid and Postpaid Billing
·        Prefix Based Billing
·        Other Facilities
·        Capable to Trace Billing  Activity

Rate Management System

·        Tax Adding Facility
·         Client Rate Compare
·        Easy Rate Management via CSV File
·        Existing Rate Increase using % Value
·        Day & Time-wise Slotted Rate Assigning
·        Assigning Future Rate Plan with Date & Time
·        Supports Re-rating

Advanced Real-time Monitoring &

Monitoring Reports can be generated as per your demand
Active Call Reports
Monitoring Graphs
Daily Graphs
Hourly Graphs
Pie Charts
Live Call Logs
Ethereal Trace from Web
Financial Reports
Profit Summary
Invoice Generation
Recharge History
General Activity Log
Intelligent CDR Architecture

Other Features

Switch Partition Facility
Caller ID or CLI Translation
Call Recording

Alert Notifications 

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