REVE Session Controller

REVE Session Controller
REVE Session Controller (RSC) is a carrier-grade advanced IP switching platform ideal for wholesale carriers. Its robust and flexible architecture offers connectivity to multiple networks with state-of-the-art network security. Loaded on high-performance hardware, RSC efficiently meets the high service level requirements of wholesale carriers for multi-protocol wholesale peering.

RSC polices real-time traffic between the various IP network boundaries ensuring high availability, security and manageability of your private network. Its Management System and Web Portal are further bolstered by integrated firewalls with usernames and passwords, ensuring higher security.

Robust High-density Platform
High System Capacity
RSC has high-density calling capability. On a 2u server environment it can handle 15000 concurrent calls, and 5000 concurrent calls with Media Proxy. CPS handled is 625. And  even at the peak of concurrent calls, RSC has been found to use less than 5% of CPU capacity.

Survivability Tests
REVE Session Controller has been tested against industry-standard SIP Fuzz test, SIP Torture test and Ping of Death. RSC has the ability to withstand the above-mentioned attacks and continues normal operations without failure.

SIP Torture tests were conducted as per RFC 4475 SIP torture test suite and RSC has been found to be resilient to it and completely immune to the attack. The system has been subjected to over 5000 torture tests and is found to be able to survive the same.

SIP Fuzz test includes sending large number of different fuzzed SIP messages. RSC has been tested against such attacks and was able to maintain normal operations. The test included large-sized malformed SIP packets.

Ping of Death includes the scenario where RSC was subjected to high rate of large-sized packets per second for considerable duration. RSC was found to be unaffected and continued normal system operations.
Denial of Service Attacks
RSC has been tested against Denial of Service Attacks where a huge flow of SIP messages were used to attack the system. It included subjecting RSC to large number of SIP Registers, Options and Invite messages originating from multiple UA’s to cause excessive unwanted processing which result in delays or dropping of legitimate sessions, also called SIP flood.

RSC has been tested to survive INVITE, REGISTER & RESPONSE flood attacks without showing any major effect on system resources. The CPU utilization for the flood attacks was found not to exceed 10%.

Invite Flood: RSC has been subjected to SIP INVITE flood and spoofed INVITE flood DoS attacks without affecting legitimate connected calls, and new calls could still be connected. High speed Invite floods though increase latency delay minimally (<15 ms), the call connecting rate (CPS) was maintained.

Registration Flood: RSC has been tested and found stable against overloading of false registrations from random end points. RSC has been verified to reject false registration attempts and maintained its capability of about 14000 successful registrations per second.

Response Flood: RSC has been subjected to high rate of spoofed SIP Response messages (180 ringing/183 call progressing) and the system was found to be able to reject false responses without affecting the legitimate connected calls.

Rogue RTP: Rogue RTP test has been conducted where packets from extraneous IP were injected to impact normal operations by affecting network quality and overload network resources. RSC has been tested to be able to survive Rogue RTP test. During Rogue RTP test the call quality of connected calls were found to be unaffected and the system resources remained stable with limited effect on CPU and memory utilizations.

1+1 Redundant Backup

As part of redundancy plan, primary session controller comes with a hot standby secondary session controller. If the primary session controller goes down, the secondary session controller takes charge of the primary session controller automatically along with the IP of primary session controller. The process is so seamless that even the running calls do not get dropped.

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