REVE Session Controller

REVE Session Controller

Security & Fraud Detection

REVE Session Controller has pioneered the technology of advanced duallevel

login authentication system in its industry segment. With this, the RSC platform remains protected from unwanted remote server accesses through SSH. To log into the system a valid OTP (One Time Password) has to be entered along with the username and password.

Login Security
RSC protects unwanted accesses and blocks unauthorized entrants automatically. System gives three chances for entering correct access information after which it blocks unauthorized entries and notifies with “Your account has been blocked.” The blocked authorized users can retrieve their access via a valid and registered email ID or through SMS on a valid mobile number.

Password Auto Expire Facility
RSC billing allows users to periodically change their password bringing added security to the system. This helps the billing client to remain on his toes and maintain his own safety.

Security Device
The OTP Device also bolsters the access control. Users need to enter a valid username and password along with the OTP (One Time Password) to access it.

User-wise Role and IP Restriction Option
The primary user can not only create separate roles for other users for accessing the billing panel, but can also assign IP restrictions to ensure higher billing security.

Https Supported WEB Page
RSC billing supports https encryption to prevent unwanted attacks, and all data sent from web to server passes via encryption.

Encrypted Password in Database
Unwanted billing access is also prevented by storing all passwords in encrypted form so that no one can steal your login information from the database.

Security from Abnormal Traffic Flow
·         The system automatically notifies the user through email and SMS:
·         If calls increase suddenly from a single account and cross the given limits
·         If calls from a single client increase and cross the given % limit
·         If calls increase suddenly above the given limit for any destination
·         If calls pass through any expensive route for more minutes based on the given time frame
·         In case of an unusual recharge to a client

Billing System & Functionality

Multiple Authentication Modes
RSC supports multiple authentication modes to allow call traffic from origination carriers. Call traffic can be authenticated with IP or with Caller ID or with Prefix, or with all to ensure advanced security for taking calls.

Balance Limit Control
RSC billing not only allows setting ‘Balance limits’ but also ‘Credit limits’ enabling the vendor to alert through a call if Balance finishes and stop calls through switch when Credit limit is reached.

Maximum Allowed Calls
You can set the number of calls that you will allow for each origination carrier to pass through the system.

Contacts Saving Option
RSC offers advanced contact saving facilities:
1. Account information and
2. Billing Account information

Prepaid and Postpaid Billing
RSC supports both prepaid and postpaid billing. It supports postpaid billing through credit balance and advanced invoicing. System can adjust balance automatically with credit if recharged.

Prefix Based Billing
Prefix based billing allows user to take calls for a single destination with multiple prefix-wise rates. This facility helps the user to offer different call rates for different prefixes to the same destination for origination vendor.

Other Facilities
RSC allows setting up of Failed Call Duration, Grace Period and Connection Fee for each destination.

Capable to Trace Billing  Activity
RSC comes with General Activity Log which enables highest security level to check billing modifications for modules like ‘Client Add’, ‘Delete’, ‘Pin Add/Delete’, ‘Rate Plan Add/Delete’, ‘Rate Change Information’, etc. All billing activities can be traced by selecting the specific dates, time and who worked at which time from which login IP, etc.

The web-based GUI brings the user powerful tools to manage system resources, delivering real-time OA&M and offering:
o   Dashboard interface
o   Secure multi-user features
o   Configuration - Real time system setup, onboard resource and call routing management
o   Monitoring - Comprehensive statistical service monitoring and system status tool
o   Debugging - Rapid tracing, diagnosing and CDR analysis

Rate Management System

Tax Adding Facility
With RSC billing you can add taxes for individual rate plans so that tax percentage values can be added based on the user’s policy. This tax % automatically adds up to his bill along with the destination-wise call rates.

Client Rate Compare
The RSC Rate Compare Tools allow the comparison of rates between two or multiple termination providers at a time. The rates offered by origination vendors can also be compared to identify the best rates.

Easy Rate Management via CSV File
With RSC billing you can upload and download massive number of rate plans at the push of a button.

Existing Rate Increase using % Value
New rate plans can be created very easily with RSC billing.  This can be done by simply increasing or  decreasing all rates with a given percentage value on an existing rate plan.

Day & Time-wise Slotted Rate Assigning
Different day and time-wise rates can be assigned for all or specific destinations.

Assigning Future Rate Plan with Date & Time
With RSC billing, rate plans can be changed for specific dates and times  in the future as well. The system sends an automatic notification via mail before activating the new rate plan. The system also captures all previous rate history so that user can easily know from which date new rates were activated.

Supports Re-rating
RSC billing comes packaged with intelligent tools for re-rating of existing or past CDRs. This is very useful in cases of incorrect rate assignments. Once re-rating is done, RSC re-processes the CDRs with the changed rates on specific destinations.

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