REVE Session Controller

REVE Session Controller

Advanced Real-time Monitoring & Reporting

REVE Session Controller (RSC) has very easy and effective monitoring interface that enables you to effectively monitor your services and grow your business.

Monitoring Reports can be generated as per your demand 
l Monitoring report with multiple selections
l Monitoring graphs
l Live call logs
l Active call monitoring
l Disconnected call info
   l Ethereal trace from web 
l Detailed financial report (profit-loss report, invoice generation,recharge history, etc.)

Active Call Reports
This report shows all running calls, i.e. on-process calls as well as connected calls. Running calls can be sorted with multiple criteria as shown below:

Monitoring Graphs
These are very useful monitoring tools for quick and easy understanding of your business.

Daily Graphs
These help you to realize how much volume you terminate per day.

Hourly Graphs
These help you to easily find out the number of calls that hit your session controller, the connected calls and ASR per hour.

Pie Charts
Pie Charts help you to realize traffic distribution over your vendors/ terminators.

Live Call Logs
These are very important tools for monitoring your service by watching your live call flow, call statuses, total running calls and disconnected calls. With these you can easily trace which route is not taking calls and why.

Ethereal Trace from Web
RSC supports deep-level packet investigation from the Web Panel for all calls. This log helps not only in solving all vendor related issues and to find out which party is terminating the calls incorrectly, but also in carrying out investigations related to codecs and various messages exchanged between parties.

Financial Reports
RSC generates a host of financial reports for Profit Summary, Recharge History and Innovative Invoicing.

Profit Summary
RSC comes with built-in Profit Checker so that user can check profits separately for each vendor, destination-wise and time-wise.  This is the most useful report, it tells you how much profit you are making on your business.

Separate invoices can be generated for each client type with selected time and bill dates. The system also automatically keeps trace on each invoice so that they can be downloaded and printed in future. Auto invoices generation on invoice cycle period and time zone for specific client to save time and effort.

Invoice Generation
Customized Invoices can be generated automatically by selecting any of the following factors:
    l Client-wise
    l Invoice Date & Time
    l Time Zone-wise
    l Invoice Due Date, etc.
Invoices can be generated or downloaded for all types of clients very easily:

Recharge History
It tells you how much you have recharged for each of your clients.

General Activity Log
Helps you to check your previous activities on your billing system. You can also check whether any unwanted activities have happened in your system.

Intelligent CDR Architecture
RSC can maintain separate databases month-wise for failed and successful CDRs. This not only keeps your database free of unwanted failed call load, but also makes for faster reporting without any service intervention.

Other Features
Switch Partition Facility
RSC allows two types of partition – Reseller Based Partition and Switch Based Partition. With Reseller Partitioning facility you can give separate customized login interfaces and registration domains within your master Session Controller to multiple resellers. This allows your resellers to market your services in his own brand name.

Switch Partitioning allows you to create complete new child within a single Master Session Controller to collect more wholesale calls from child Session Control owners. Switch Partitioning provides the primary user hosting based switch services to generate more revenue.

Caller ID or CLI Translation
Sometimes it becomes mandatory to change the caller ID while sending calls to specific termination providers. Such requests come from the termination vendors themselves. RSC supports sending random CLI with fixed lengths to selected destinations. Users can also maintain common Prefix Base CLI.

Call Recording
RSC allows you to record voice calls. The recorded calls can be played from your Monitoring panel. Call recording facility helps you to not only ensure voice quality but also to find out from where problems in voice quality are arising.
Alert Notifications
The user can also be notified through email and SMS on unexpected events related to:

l Server Status

l Replication Status

l Call Processing Alert

l Revenue Alert

l Performance Alert

Supported Codecs, Transcoding

Supported Codecs
RSC is an advanced Session Controller with native protocol & codec conversion architecture designed to handle huge traffic. It enables extensive codec support for direct IP to IP transcoding making it a centralized transcoding control platform for all networks. This centralization allows transcoding resources to be efficiently sized and scaled according to the network requirements. RSC supports all standard codecs in transparent mode like G729, G711, G723.1, AMR-NB, Speex and more.

Leading-edge Transcoding System
RSC comes with built-in capacity for transcoding. It can convert the  following voice codecs into the other:

l In conversion mode: G729, G711, G723.1, AMR-NB, Speex and more
l In transparent mode bypasses all standard audio codecs
l VoIP Codec Support
l Voice Transcoding Support

Other VoIP Media
Video (H.263, H264), Fax (T.38), DTMF, etc.

Tunneling / Proxy Protocols

DTMF (RFC 2833)


Technical Specifications

Supported Protocols
H.323, SIP (RFC 3261), RTP/RTCP, T.38, DTMF
Full interoperability between industry standard protocols SIP, H.323

    1.     RFC 3261 Session Initiation Protocol
    2.     RFC 2976 SIP INFO Method
    3.     RFC 3398 ISUP-SIP Mapping
    4.     RFC 3515 Refer Method
    5.     RFC 3578 Overlap
    6.     RFC 2327 Session Description Protocol
    7.     RFC 3581 an Extension to the Session
    8.     Initiation Protocol (SIP) for Symmetric
    9.     Response Routing
  10.   RFC 3665 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  11.  Basic Call Flow Examples
  12.   RFC 3666 Public Switched Telephone
  13.  Network (PSTN) Call Flows
14.  RFC 3892 Referred-By Mechanism
15.  RFC 3891 “Replaces” Header
16.  RFC 3311 Update Method
17.  RFC 4566 Session Description Protocol
18.  RFC 5806 Diversion Indication in SIP
19.  RFC 3326 The Reason Header Field
20.  RFC 2543 Session Initiation Protocol
21.  RFC 3262 Reliability of Provisional Response22.  draft-levy-sip-diversion
23.  draft-ietf-sip-privacy

  1.    ITU Version 2 and 4
  2.    Fast and Slow Start based on Termination Gateway
  3.    Gateway and Gatekeeper Interconnect

    l RFC 2865
    l Cisco VSA compliant

Operating System
    l CentOS
    l Red Hat Enterprise

 RSC Performance Rating
Concurrent Calls  :  15000
Media Forwarding Calls :  5000
Calls per Second (CPS) :   625
Call Completion Rate :  99.998%

RSC is a high-performance IP Session Controller. RSC achieves these call volumes with a CPU usage of below 5% in non-media mode and 50% in full media forwarding mode on a 2u hardware configuration. The Call Completion Rate also remains at 99.998% which establishes the reliability and consistency of RSC.

Miercom is a reputed, international rating agency and has verified these results by conducting extensive tests on the RSC platform.

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