New iTel Dialer

New iTel Dialer

It is usual that iTel always ensure customer satisfaction. iTel is the Pioneer of VoIP Industry. Without iTel no one can think of their VoIP Business.

iTel has already proven that They are the Best of All Dialer. With iTel you can run your Voice business from all over the world.

iTel has introduce their New Version of Dialer which ensure you to provide best service all over the world.

iTel Dialer now works every country where there is an internet. Even it is very very low bandwidth area.

Please contact with your Sales Manager for discuss more in this issue.

For Use this latest version you need to take a small configuration form iTel Support Centre. Below is iTel New Download Link.

Dialer OS
Latest Dialer version
Download link
Version 2.26
Version 3.4.2  or Google play store
Version 3.4.0
Version 3.1.5

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